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Prayer 151: Nowhere to Go

Dear God

For about half an hour yesterday, I sat beside the lake at work in glorious sunshine and watched a heron. Lots of people walked by me, but nobody stopped. Everyone else had a place to go, somewhere to get to. Thank You for the gift of simply being able to stop and gaze at something unexpected and beautiful for a while. Help me not to pass so quickly and purposefully through the world You have made that I fail to appreciate the glories that lie around us. Thank You.


Prayer 142: Easter hope

Dear God

Thank You for the joys of Easter and the wonderful way it coincides for us in the UK with the real beginning of Spring. Thank You that the message of resurrection hope and life in all its fullness is echoed in the resurrection joy of nature. Help me to learn the lesson well that there is always hope and the last word to everything is always love. Thank You.

Prayer 117: the secret joy of skipping church

Dear God

I have to say how lovely it was to skip church yesterday, and go and work on the allotment instead. It was really very enjoyable indeed, and I will definitely do that again without feeling guilty. It’s good to know that You don’t exist solely in a church on a Sunday, but are right there amongst the plants and the soil and the sunshine, and in the general camaraderie of allotment life as well. As well, of course, as being at the very heart of our being and existence. Thank You.

Prayer 46: the joy of sunshine

Dear God

Thank You for a lovely weekend where we spent most of the time in the garden or on the allotment. It’s really good to be outside in late autumn in such glorious weather – so thank You very much for the chance to get involved with nature for a whole weekend. Living in the UK where rain is our default weather, that’s quite a miracle! Thank You.