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Prayer 212: A disaster averted

Dear God

Thank You for looking after me yesterday so the car crash I could so easily have caused didn’t happen at all. I’m very grateful for Your help, especially as the other car involved would have been a neighbour, so You can imagine how extra awful that would have been! Help me then to be more alert in the car, even when my mind is on other things, and to drive with wholehearted care and consideration for others. Thank You.


Prayer 159: Garden happiness

Dear God

Thank You for other people’s gardens and, more importantly, the chance to have a really good look around them. It’s wonderful to see what other people have created, and to admire (and copy!) the things that have worked, as well as to shake one’s head (and feel a little bit smug!) about the things that haven’t. Thank You for the glorious opportunity to be acceptably nosy about one’s neighbours for a while …

Prayer 14: Garden worries

Dear God,

I’m a bit worried about the garden. Please could You make sure that it rains on the days I don’t need to go outside, and that my pot plants and hanging baskets get enough water? That way, I wouldn’t have to rush round like a crazed woman watering everything in sight before it gets dark, and I’d have more time to have that essential post-work Pimm’s before sunset kicks in. Because nothing says neglect more than a droopy hanging basket, and I really wouldn’t want the neighbours to complain.

And, while I’m on, if You could also see Your way to helping my flowers create those wonderful balls of colour that everyone else seems to achieve so easily except me, then that would be very kind too. Again, I don’t want to let the neighbours down. Thank You.