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Prayer 137: one wild party …

Dear God

I must have left the office meeting room window open over the weekend and, honestly, the high winds we had on Saturday have wreaked absolute havoc with the window blinds. They now look as if they’ve been through a very exciting party indeed and are much the worse for wear, and some. Half of them are lying across the floor and half of them are tangled up together in what looks like the closest thing to installation art that I’ve seen in a long time. The Buildings team aren’t going to be happy but I must say it gave us in the office a good laugh on a Monday morning, for which we’re hugely grateful. So thank You for laughter, but help me to remember to shut that window next time!


Prayer 114: the joy of typing

Dear God

I was thrilled yesterday to be given some actual, genuine typing work to do instead of all this strange strategy stuff, dodgy diary juggling and nightmare meeting minuting. Thank You then for the joys of real, old-fashioned typing! How I do love it. Yes, I know that makes me very weird indeed and maybe I’m the only one in the world who does love typing, but it’s just so calming. So thank You.

Prayer 75: the God of plans

Dear God

I had so much to do yesterday and I never thought I’d get everything done, so I spent a lot of time making contingency plans. Thank You then that, because of Your gracious help, I did manage to get everything done by the time I collapsed exhausted on my desk at 5.30pm. I should have made a few less frantic plans then, and trusted You more. Help me to remember that for next time! Thank You.

Prayer 71: hello, 2015

Dear God

Well, there it is. Christmas and New Year over once again, and I must admit neither are my favourite time of the year. I actually always find Christmas Day itself very depressing (sorry!) and this year it seemed more of a struggle than usual. Still Boxing Day was nice (for which, thank You), but then sadly we fell foul of a nasty virus, from which we have only just recovered. However, at least that got us nicely out of the New Year festivities – which we really don’t enjoy – so it’s true about every cloud having a silver lining indeed …

And now here we are back to the office this morning. I can’t say I’m looking forward to it one bit, so please help me to be aware of Your gentle presence throughout this very tricky day – though with the amount of panic I’ll no doubt be in, I suspect You’re going to have to work harder at it! Thank You.

Prayer 69: the horror of Christmas

Dear God

I’m facing the staff Christmas party today and I have to say I’m dreading it. I really dislike parties and big crowds of people, and to cap it all I’ve had to organise the pesky thing as well, so there’s at least a zillion things that can go wrong and I’ve been awake since 3.30am worrying about it.

Help me to remember that even if everything does goes wrong and it’s all dreadful, You are still with me, and You’re the one thing I can always rely on to be absolutely right. Thank You.

Prayer 61: Tricky colleagues

Dear God

This week, people have been very snippety at work because of all sorts of nasty stuff going on, and really I find it very upsetting indeed. It’s very easy to get drawn into it because it’s such a difficult time for our office. Please be with us in the middle of everything that’s going on, and help me to offer hope and calmness to everyone I come into contact with instead of being grumpy most the time. But I’m definitely going to need Your help to do this! Thank You.