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Prayer 292: The Pathway

Dear God

Thank You that You provide a safe pathway for us to walk with You through our lives. Yes, there will be danger and pain, as well as joy, on the way, but Your presence makes the road that we tread a good one. Thank You.

Prayer 288: Still only Tuesday?

Dear God

Well, yesterday was a pretty long day, I must say. Honestly, it seemed to last at least six months, and at one point I thought that 5.30pm was never going to come round and I might be in the office forever. Hell indeed, eh … There was just so much stuff going on and so many different kinds of crisis to circumnavigate – couldn’t You have spread the pain throughout the week rather than giving it all to us in one day? Just a thought …

Still, I suppose that does at least mean that the worst might just be over, so thank You for that. I really hope the rest of the week improves, and whatever happens, thank You for somehow seeing us all through it.

Prayer 187: the mysteries of Lazarus

Dear God

The miracle of Lazarus is always breath-taking, no matter how many times I read it. Thank You for Your great power and mercy in bringing to life things that are long dead, and giving us hope where there is none.

Still, I do often wonder how his second chance at life was for Lazarus and how terrible it must have been when the authorities started to persecute him too. Help us to remember that just because we have received a great blessing doesn’t mean there won’t be pain too – and give us the grace to bear it. Thank You.

Prayer 45: the sorrow of war and the hope of peace

Dear God

You’ve probably been asked this a million times, but why exactly do we have to have wars? Why do people get so furious that they have to fight each other and make everyone’s lives a misery? It’s really beyond my comprehension, I must say. And right now in the world, there seems to be so much war and killing and pain, and I honestly don’t know how much more of it we can actually take.

I know it’s our fault and not Yours, but please could You help everyone who’s living in pain and terror because of war, and please can You help all of us to bring peace where we can? Thank You.