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Prayer 201: Too much heat!

Dear God

I really don’t think this sweltering heat is doing anything at all for my ability to be nice to people! So I’m sorry for the times I mess things up. Please give me and all of us grace to be patient and pleasant, instead of crotchety and cruel, no matter how strangely hot it’s getting – both inside and out! Thank You.

Prayer 150: Never give up

Dear God

I thought those old irises in the corner of the garden were never going to bloom. So this year, I decided that if nothing happened (again) then I’d take them out and try something else more reliable. However, yesterday morning, I walked past the iris patch, and a small and delicate purple bloom caught my eye. One of them is about to flower and it looks as if it’s going to be absolutely beautiful when it’s fully out. Thank You then for flowers. And help me to learn to have patience and not to give up on things so easily, but to give them time enough to bloom and grow. Just as You do with us.

Prayer 94: God’s patience

Dear God

Thank You for Your patience and that You are always waiting for us to turn to You. Thank You that You never, ever give up. Help me to have something of Your patience and perseverance in my own life, and to remember the truth that all things work together towards an ultimate good and holy ending in You. Thank You.

Prayer 93: Car trouble

Dear God

Cars are really such a nuisance sometimes. Yes, it’s wonderful to have the freedom to drive somewhere whenever I like, and I’m more than grateful for it. But you’d think that in these modern times, someone would have manufactured a car battery that isn’t quite so sensitive to the cold weather we have on this small island.

Still, my car isn’t quite as young as it was so perhaps I should be a bit more patient with it sometimes – as I suppose I’m not quite as young as I was either and my battery must slowly but surely be running down too. Thank You then that You are far more patient with me than I am with my car!

Prayer 47: Real riches

Dear God

Help me to remember that how You view riches is very different from how I view them. So help me to spend less time on the things that matter to me, such as money and being noticed all the time, and more time on the things that matter to You, such as love, joy, patience and kindness, and grow rich in them instead. Thank You.

Prayer 41: the frustration of waiting

Dear God

I do understand that waiting in hope is a good thing, and You’re very much for it (at least You do seem to be for it by the number of times You make us do it …), but does it have to be so incredibly frustrating?

I think it would be far better for You to give me the patience to wait while I do actually wait – if You see what I mean. So if You could see Your wonderful way to gifting me with some of Your patience while I wait for You to fulfil whatever You wish to in my life, that would be grand. Thank You.