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Prayer 283: Peace

Dear God

It all comes down to peace and how we live it, doesn’t it? Because through all the ups and downs of this life, and the sheer busyness and intricacies of existence, Your peace is the golden apple we run after, whether we know it or not.

But, if only we fully understood it, that same peace is already deep within us, as You have planted it in our hearts already so we might know and love You more fully. Please open our eyes and our understanding so we might live more deeply in Your peace. Thank You.


Prayer 178: A distant hope of peace

Dear God

Many years ago when I first became a Christian (if either of us can remember that far back), I prayed for a quiet heart and a peaceful spirit in life. Well, that’s not really worked out quite as hoped for, has it? Still, I’m willing to give it another go, if You are, and let’s just see what happens this time … Thank You.

Prayer 148: The quiet days

Dear God

Thank You for the quiet days – those essential pauses between one high-octane activity and another, that seem to make up so much of modern life. Thank You for the vital chance to recharge our batteries and just rest in the simple peace of your love and heartfelt care. When I go into the next round of busyness, help me to take that peace and calm with me into the fray. Thank You.

Prayer 55: the peaceful heart

Dear God

Honestly, there seems to be so much anger and shouting in the world. I know I’m the last person to complain as I get angry a lot and end up shouting too so I’m just adding to the problem. But please could You give me a heart of peace instead of the bitter and rather unloving heart I currently have – so instead of adding anger to the world, I might add calmness instead. Because the world definitely needs more peace and less rage! Thank You.

Prayer 45: the sorrow of war and the hope of peace

Dear God

You’ve probably been asked this a million times, but why exactly do we have to have wars? Why do people get so furious that they have to fight each other and make everyone’s lives a misery? It’s really beyond my comprehension, I must say. And right now in the world, there seems to be so much war and killing and pain, and I honestly don’t know how much more of it we can actually take.

I know it’s our fault and not Yours, but please could You help everyone who’s living in pain and terror because of war, and please can You help all of us to bring peace where we can? Thank You.