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Prayer 146: the curse of computers and the wonders of wine

Dear God

Why is it that I’m just about to start a very important task at work which really needs to be done this week and then the computer system goes down? And stays down … Grrrr! Honestly, it kicked all my carefully laid plans right back into touch, and I have to say I’m not particularly happy about it. So tomorrow looks like it’s going to be seriously crammed full of work, oh dear me – that is, if the system ever comes back up again. Mind you, at least it meant I didn’t have to stay late at work after all, and there’s a glass of wine left in the bottle at home that’s definitely got my name on it, hurrah! So thank You for that.


Prayer 78: God with us

Dear God

Thank You that You are always totally on our side, even when nobody else is. Thank You for being the kind of God we can rely on. Help me to trust You more and remember all the wonderful things You’ve already done in my life in getting me this far. Thank You that You have a plan for me and my life, which is more than anything I can imagine.

Prayer 75: the God of plans

Dear God

I had so much to do yesterday and I never thought I’d get everything done, so I spent a lot of time making contingency plans. Thank You then that, because of Your gracious help, I did manage to get everything done by the time I collapsed exhausted on my desk at 5.30pm. I should have made a few less frantic plans then, and trusted You more. Help me to remember that for next time! Thank You.

Prayer 44: God’s plans

Dear God

Help me to remember that no matter how many plans I make and try to bring about, the really important part of any plan is You. Thank You that you have a glorious plan for each and every one of us, and help me to make You the centre and focus of every plan of my own. Thank You.