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Prayer 187: the mysteries of Lazarus

Dear God

The miracle of Lazarus is always breath-taking, no matter how many times I read it. Thank You for Your great power and mercy in bringing to life things that are long dead, and giving us hope where there is none.

Still, I do often wonder how his second chance at life was for Lazarus and how terrible it must have been when the authorities started to persecute him too. Help us to remember that just because we have received a great blessing doesn’t mean there won’t be pain too – and give us the grace to bear it. Thank You.


Prayer 145: God’s Topsy-Turvy World

Dear God

Help me to remember that Your ways are not my ways, and that Your view of the world is not my own. The powers and authorities are as nothing to You, and instead you honour those without power or influence so the divine world is delightfully topsy-turvy, and all the better for that. Help me then to align my heart with Yours, and to see and honour things as You do. Thank You.

Prayer 111: the all-powerful God

Dear God

There are so many fears and anxieties around us that darken our days and our minds. Help us to remember that You are more powerful than all the fears and anxieties in the whole world and beyond, and that Your presence and reassurance are always with us. Thank You.

Prayer 73: Another Christmas miracle

Dear God

Last Christmas was very grim as we had no heat, hot water or light over the Christmas period, but thank You that this year You have generously supplied us with the constant gift of electricity! It’s amazing the difference it makes.

At the same time, I think of those who feel they have no power and who are facing grim Christmases of their own – help us to do what we can to bring them hope, and may Your grace be with them. Thank You.