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Prayer 216: The shock of answered prayer

Dear God

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m frankly astonished when You answer my prayers, as if even in the act of praying I don’t quite believe You’re out there and willing to listen. Well, thank You that You are there and that You are a God Who works miracles every day. Please give me a heart to trust You more deeply, and eyes to see Your marvellous miracles. Thank You.


Prayer 207: Answers to prayer

Dear God

I don’t know why it’s always so astonishing, at least to me, when You do actually provide an answer to prayer. I’m not quite sure if this shows my deep-seated lack of faith or just how pessimistic I am – but either way help me to deepen my understanding of Your power and willingness to act without losing my sense of joy in Your good-heartedness. Thank You.

Prayer 184: The God of creative solutions

Dear God

I have to say You do come up with some unusual solutions to our problems, and sometimes the answer to prayer is what we least expect to happen. Thank You for being such a creative God Who always pushes the boundaries of what we can imagine. Help me to have an expectant heart and a deeper understanding of the extraordinary heights and depths of Your love. Thank You.

Prayer 174: Taking the long view

Dear God

Really, it’s astonishing how somehow You do manage to work everything out for the best in people’s lives, even if that working out doesn’t happen as speedily as we would ideally prefer. Help me to remember to take the long-term, rather than the short-term, view of life, and please could you work things out for me also. Thank You.

Prayer 155: Sleep blessings

Dear God

Thank You for answering prayer and for granting me a glorious night of sleep – it really makes all the difference, and I almost feel like a human being again. Which for me is pretty dang near normal, all in all. Thank You.

Prayer 85: Prayer can be dull too …

Dear God

Is it just me or are prayer times usually quite dull? I mean I read my bible and I think about the day ahead and ask for help in it, and then I try to pray, but it’s not that easy. Usually my mind then quickly drifts off onto a massive and fluctuating list of (a) things I need to do, (b) things I ought to do, (c) people I don’t like much, including my family (sorry!), (d) worries about dying of some terrible but as yet unknown disease, and (e) a million totally marvellous imaginary ways to get back at people I think might have been nasty to me. Sorry, again, but there it is …

Then again, maybe that is my prayer life and You’re okay with it. Because I could definitely do with Your gracious help in making things better within all that list, both in my life and within myself. Thank You.

Prayer 82: the miracle of prayer

Dear God

Thank You that prayer is always precious, whether or not we can see a discernable answer to it. Thank You for using prayer to connect us to Yourself and also, equally importantly, as a means to change our own hearts too. So thank You for prayer.