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Prayer 89: Life in all its fullness

Dear God

Thank You that You came to give us life in all its fullness. Help me to treasure each moment as a gift from You and to be grateful for Your presence in my life. Whether the moments are good or bad, help me to find You in them, for You are a God Who is always with us. Thank You.


Prayer 80: God’s expansive love

Dear God

Your love is so expansive and merciful, and my ability to understand and accept it is so narrow and mean. Help me to open up my heart more fully to Your presence in my life, so that I may truly live the abundant love You promise to us all. Thank You.

Prayer 71: hello, 2015

Dear God

Well, there it is. Christmas and New Year over once again, and I must admit neither are my favourite time of the year. I actually always find Christmas Day itself very depressing (sorry!) and this year it seemed more of a struggle than usual. Still Boxing Day was nice (for which, thank You), but then sadly we fell foul of a nasty virus, from which we have only just recovered. However, at least that got us nicely out of the New Year festivities – which we really don’t enjoy – so it’s true about every cloud having a silver lining indeed …

And now here we are back to the office this morning. I can’t say I’m looking forward to it one bit, so please help me to be aware of Your gentle presence throughout this very tricky day – though with the amount of panic I’ll no doubt be in, I suspect You’re going to have to work harder at it! Thank You.

Prayer 60: God’s everlasting presence

Dear God

Help me to remember that even when I’m facing my worst nightmare and my fiercest enemy, Your presence and Your grace are with me. Thank You that You are a God Who never leaves us or forsakes us. Thank You that we can always rely on Your strength and amazing love.

Prayer 36: the presence of God

Dear God, the whole joy and trouble about You is that You’re always there. Sometimes that can be a blessing and sometimes, I must admit, it can be something of an annoyance. Especially when it seems so much more preferable to be naughty than good.

Then again, compared to Your good self, we’re definitely sinners most – if not all – of the time anyway, so thank You for being there, whether I like it or whether I don’t. It means a lot.