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Prayer 101: the things that matter

Dear God

Help me to remember the things that are important, and to put to one side the things that take me away from You. Help me to see the world I encounter with Your eyes and Your understanding, alongside my own. Thank You for the riches of Your presence in our lives.


Prayer 86: the comfort of money

Dear God

Money is so comforting and it’s always nice to have it. Help me therefore to understand with my heart that You are far more worthwhile than all the riches in the world. Help me also to be generous with what You’ve given me, and to use what I have to help others. Most important of all, help me to trust in You first of all. Thank You.

Prayer 77: Life in all its fullness

Dear God

Thank You for the richness of each moment of our lives. Help me to live more deeply and closer to You in every part of my being. Thank You for Your promise to give us life in all its fullness, and help me to accept that wonderful gift. Thank You.

Prayer 47: Real riches

Dear God

Help me to remember that how You view riches is very different from how I view them. So help me to spend less time on the things that matter to me, such as money and being noticed all the time, and more time on the things that matter to You, such as love, joy, patience and kindness, and grow rich in them instead. Thank You.