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Prayer 229: Problems Galore!

Dear God

Here is a list of today’s fun problems, in case You might have been busy elsewhere: (a) I’ve had to deal with a courier who delivered an important item to a garage in Yorkshire rather than to our workplace in Guildford; (b) I’ve received a snotty “standard’ letter from my credit card company penalising me because I don’t overspend and I always pay off the whole amount monthly and I’ve been with them for thirty years; and (c) I’ve been given a list of complaints from staff who haven’t yet actually moved into the new offices we’ve spent so many long and agonising weeks getting right for them. All I can say right now is thank goodness for whisky! Oh, and please could You help me sort all this out when I’m feeling sane enough to face it? Thank You.


Prayer 224: the traumas of the office

Dear God

Why is it that when we’ve spent several months at work planning a very complicated series of office moves, someone pops up one week before Move Day 1 to say they don’t like their new desk/cupboard/computer/office space/colleague and by the way they’ve ordered a new scanner without telling anyone and please could that be included too?!? Heavens above, Lord, but it’s astonishing the Move Team is all still smiling (sort of!) and none of us has murdered anyone yet, but really it came close … Anyway, in the midst of the muddle and stress, thank You for keeping us sane (relatively) and with our heads just about above the water line, hey ho. Long may it continue!…