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Prayer 183: Sunshine and flowers

Dear God

Thank You so much for this wonderful weekend we’ve just had. Lots of glorious sunshine, the flowers are beginning to show themselves, and we spent as much time as possible in the garden or on the allotment. Thank You for the natural world You have created and the opportunity to spend time in it. The outdoors just puts everything into perspective for me. Thank You.


Prayer 168: The joy of gardening

Dear God

What a truly glorious weekend! Thank You so much for sunshine. We spent as much time as possible in the allotment and the garden, and we’ve planted lots of lovely flowers and vegetables. So we’re ready for summer, almost. All we need now is Your generous blessing on our efforts, and we’ll be all set for the long, sunshiney days ahead. Thank You.

Prayer 158: Bank Holiday Weather

Dear God

Ah the bliss ahead of a bank holiday weekend, so an extra day away from the office, thank You. However, I don’t wish to complain, but please could You sort the weather out this time so that we can have sunshine rather than the inevitable bank holiday rain we always seem to have? It shouldn’t take You long, and I’m sure You could squeeze this essential task in amongst all the other important jobs You need to do. Thank You.

Prayer 46: the joy of sunshine

Dear God

Thank You for a lovely weekend where we spent most of the time in the garden or on the allotment. It’s really good to be outside in late autumn in such glorious weather – so thank You very much for the chance to get involved with nature for a whole weekend. Living in the UK where rain is our default weather, that’s quite a miracle! Thank You.