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Prayer 176: Late mornings

Dear God

How I hate having a late start to my morning, especially when it’s a holiday morning and I could be out there doing lots of nice things, instead of stumbling around yawning and gulping down tea.

Still, on the other hand, thank You for the gift of sleep – which is a real blessing as I continue to go through the menopause and find sleep quite tricky to grasp. And thank You that You have a time for everything in the world and so there’s no need at all to rush about like a mad thing. Help me to remember this and live by Your timing rather than my own. Thank You.


Prayer 119: the mystery of time

Dear God

Is it just me or have the last two days at work lasted about a fortnight already? I’m telling You that I’ve done at least two weeks’ work in that time and the days have dragged on (and on) so it seems as if the magical time of 5.30pm will never come round. Has something gone wrong with time or have You changed the rules and forgotten to let us know? Because surely to goodness it must be Friday by now, but sadly there’s an acre of time to go before we get there, it seems. So if You could just check the timeline and make sure it’s functioning correctly, that would be marvellous. Thank You.

Prayer 112: the pain of waiting

Dear God

Why do You make us wait so long for the things You want to give us? Surely it would be far better for You and certainly for me if You just decided what it was I should have and then allowed me to have it. But, right now, it’s the waiting for Your gifts that’s killing me. Because, honestly, Your concept of time is a million times different from ours, and that’s the problem: You have eternity to play with, and I only have fourscore years and ten, if that. Well, I’m more than halfway through now, God, and it would be nice if You eased up on this whole holy waiting thing. Just a little. Just saying … thank You.

Prayer 98: For the horrible days

Dear God, why are some days just so horrible? There’s no rhyme nor reason as to when a nasty day might pop up and I personally think it would be much nicer if You simply gave us some kind of a warning. Just saying, and I’m sure other people would agree with me too …

If I had a warning, then I could prepare in some way to deal with it a bit better. Still, I suppose there’s one good thing that comes out of a bad day: the fact that time moves on and eventually it’s over. Thank You then for the gift of time, and I really hope that tomorrow will be better. Thank You.

Prayer 7: the hell of roads

Dear God,

I hate roads. I have just spent an hour on the A3 trying to get to work and now I am stupidly late. And today I was especially trying to be early as I’ve just made it under the wire for 9am for most of this week, so I was trying to be good today. Then again, trying to be good doesn’t really suit me, does it? You are – and have never been – fooled by that.

Anyhow, this morning I am now officially 30 minutes late and I’m feeling cross. If You are going to inspire Your people to make roads, please could You ensure that they are fit for the purpose and have enough room for the number of cars that want to be on them? Surely it can’t be too much to ask. Or if You’re feeling particularly generous (which of course You always are) please could you make sure that there aren’t any other cars on the road when I want to get to work quickly. That would be lovely.

Then again, while I think of it, half way during my long and painful stay on the A3, I did have to pull over for an ambulance. I hope the people who needed the ambulance were all right, whatever’s happened, and please could You take care of them? That would be lovely too. And maybe I should really just count myself lucky that I was stuck in a long queue and not needing an ambulance myself. So I’m grateful that I’m only late for work, and not absent from it entirely this morning. There’s a sobering thought … Thank You.

Prayer 3: The problem of time

Dear God,

There are far too many jobs that need to be done at work and not enough time to do them. Are You sure You were quite on top of things when You decided on the 24 hour system? Surely a 36 hour one would have been more suitable, especially bearing in mind the fact that You created days to last for a vast number of generations. It might not have seemed worth it at first, when people didn’t have electricity, mobile phones or the Internet, but surely You should have been aware of how the world would pan out in the long term? Just saying …

In the meantime, if You could see Your great and holy way to magically making 10% of my current ‘to-do’ tasks vanish entirely, then that would be extremely beneficial for my mental health and spiritual wellbeing.

Thank you.