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Prayer 281: The smallest prayer

Dear God

Thank You for being the kind of God Who listens and responds to our smallest prayer, even when we don’t necessarily know we’re praying it. All the best answers lie only in You, so please help me to trust You more with the meanderings and directions of my life. Thank You.


Prayer 227: The plus side of St Paul

Dear God

No matter how irritating and long-winded I find St Paul in the Bible, the one big thing I learn from him is to trust in You and have hope whatever my own circumstances. Because You are in charge of it all. Help me to turn to You more willingly and ask for Your help even when I’m too shattered and fed up to think. Thank You.

Prayer 216: The shock of answered prayer

Dear God

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m frankly astonished when You answer my prayers, as if even in the act of praying I don’t quite believe You’re out there and willing to listen. Well, thank You that You are there and that You are a God Who works miracles every day. Please give me a heart to trust You more deeply, and eyes to see Your marvellous miracles. Thank You.

Prayer 205: The terror of death

Dear God

I have to say – and I’m sure I’m not alone here – that the thought of dying is just so depressing. Does it absolutely have to be like this? Because I do find it very frightening indeed, even though I know we’re supposed to view death as a door to be with You in a far deeper way. The problem is that I really don’t like stepping out of my comfort zone, and I’m more than happy with life with my loved one here on earth – so the thought of what is inevitably to come is really quite distressing. Help me to trust You more, knowing that You have promised to be with us in all things. Thank You.

Prayer 204: The God Who puts things right

Dear God

Thank You that You are forever setting things right and Your work is everlasting. Help me to be open to Your Spirit so I may grow and develop in the way You have already set out in Your heart. Thank You that in You all things work for good and You never let us down.

Prayer 197: The question of numbers

Dear God

There are just too many numbers and measurements at the end of the Book of Ezekiel and I find it very boring indeed. There must be a message in there somewhere but I’m afraid it’s way beyond my abilities to find it. I imagine it’s a lot of fun for people who like numbers though.

Anyway, I suppose it’s a lesson to keep on stumbling onwards in this life whenever the going gets dull, and to trust in You for a more interesting tomorrow, or at least one with fewer measurements in it. Thank You.

Prayer 191: When work gets done

Dear God

Much to my amazement, I’ve finally finished my latest project which has been hanging around for about a year. I can hardly believe the first stage is done! It’s been a tough ride, but getting to the end is very satisfying indeed. Thank You for the gift (albeit a strange one!) of hard work and the consequent joy of completion. Please help me to trust You for the next stage too. Thank You.