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Prayer 289: Comfort TV

Dear God

Thank You for comfort TV – I really love all those light-hearted crime dramas like Midsomer Murders and New Tricks as they’re just so soothing. Nothing quite like a jolly murder, is there? It’s just a shame that the Powers That Be seem to be taking these joyful offerings away from our screens and replacing them with the ghastly Nordic Noir or just any old Noir, sigh. Not all of us like our TV grim! So I pray that we might get less existential angst on our televisions and more simple fun. A prayer for TV and for life then. Thank You.


Prayer 211: When God gets it wrong!

Dear God

I have to say I think it was a bit mean of You to keep me well during all the working week, and yet spring a rather nasty cold on me all over the weekend. What could You be thinking? So I spent all weekend coughing and spluttering on the sofa when I could have been doing all the far more enjoyable things I had lined up.

Still, at least, I’ve managed to catch up on my reading and had time to watch the golf on TV, which I always enjoy. So maybe You’ve not been too horrible to me after all. Thank You then for providing some comforts when things are bad. I just hope You might grant me good health for next weekend instead!

Prayer 116: the difficulties of depression

Dear God

As You know, when the familiar wave of depression sweeps over me these days, there’s nothing I can really do about it except wait for it to pass. And do rather a lot of crying of course. Please be with me during those times, and thank You for the rigid simplicity of doing a crossword or two or just watching some light-hearted television, both of which somehow help steady me again. Thank You.

Prayer 115: sock problem solved!

Dear God, I can honestly say that true happiness is NOT having to spend hours in the kitchen weeping as I try to sort out my husband’s black socks in the laundry because they ALL look the same. Really, they do! Now I have bought him ones with coloured heels, go me, and I have clawed back all that valuable time for … um … drinking coffee and watching TV. Thank You!

Prayer 8: a housework plea

Dear God,

I hate housework. It’s such an effort having to clean the house every week, year in and year out. Is there any way You could possibly allow our clever scientists to invent a self-cleaning house? That would be brilliant, and would give me so much more time to watch Escape to the Country on TV, instead of recording it in order to not watch it later as usual …

And, yes, I know, that in an ideal world, I should be using the time to be super holy and spiritual, and meditating on pure and inspiring thoughts, but, as You know, I’ve never been that kind of woman, and the very thought of all that serious and committed prayer makes me run for the hills in terror.

Anyway, I think that if I have to clean one more toilet or polish one more mirror, my brain might actually explode, and then where would I be? Scattered across the carpet and leaving one heck of a cleaning job for some other poor unfortunate. Which is surely not a result You would desire. So, as I say, the self-cleaning house would be brilliant. Please let me know when it’s done. Thank You.