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Prayer 168: The joy of gardening

Dear God

What a truly glorious weekend! Thank You so much for sunshine. We spent as much time as possible in the allotment and the garden, and we’ve planted lots of lovely flowers and vegetables. So we’re ready for summer, almost. All we need now is Your generous blessing on our efforts, and we’ll be all set for the long, sunshiney days ahead. Thank You.

Prayer 11: Preachers

Dear God,

Please could You see Your way to making sure the preacher doesn’t go on too long on a Sunday? There’s a limit to the amount of holiness I can take in all at one go, and any sermon of more than 8 minutes is likely to lose me entirely. 6.5 minutes would be ideal. At that point, I’m starting to worry about lunch, or what I need to do in the garden, or how the last precious day of my weekend is slowly vanishing away and I really, seriously don’t want to be spending the majority of it in church.

Oh, and while I’m on, please could You make sure the hymns aren’t pitched too high? I’m not a natural soprano from any angle and so a few keys lower would be greatly appreciated, by me and by the rest of the congregation, I’m sure. Thank you.

Prayer 2: Gloomy Mondays

Dear God,

It’s Monday again and I’m not really ready for it. I’m not sure why You had to include Mondays in Your wonderful schedule of days, but if You could at any time see fit to take us straight through from Sunday to Tuesday, that would be wonderful. If You could make Sunday finish at about 2pm, it would save my husband and me getting depressed at the thought of another week, and if at the same time Tuesday could begin at about 11am, that would be a lot better as the middle of the week would then only be a hop, skip and a jump away. If the world absolutely has to have a seven-day week, then please could You elongate Saturday so I can fit in all those things that tend to get left until Sunday and clog up the day at that point, such as ironing, weeding, and checking the car tyres.

Thank you.