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Prayer 97: the hope of Spring

Dear God

Thank You for giving us Spring after Winter, and day after night. Thank You that even in the darkest and coldest experience, there is always the hope of light and warmth ahead with You. Thank You.


Prayer 92: Hoping for Spring

Dear God

The morning is so cold and it’s really hard to get up. I’m not sure I’m going to get warm at all today and the thought of snow – how I hate snow! – is making me very angsty indeed. Because really I know we have to have winters, but do they have to be quite so chilly? My feet seriously do not appreciate it! And neither does the rest of me. Still, there’s always Spring to look forward to – so please be with me in the cold, dark times, and give me a sure hope for warmer, lighter times ahead. Thank You.

Prayer 57: God’s walk with depression

Dear God

Depression really isn’t anything to laugh about, is it? It may not be something people can see, but its effect is just as devastating as any other illness I know. So, as You may already realise, it’s not been a good week for me and these short days and long nights of Winter aren’t helping much either.

Even though I can’t sense You, and my prayer life is even worse that it usually is (if such a thing is possible!…), I believe that You’re there somehow in the midst of it all, so thank You for that. And if You could stay with me as I hobble along until things get better, that would be great too. Thank You.