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Prayer 290: A job well done

Dear God

Thank You for the incredible satisfaction of a job well done – there’s really no feeling like it! I didn’t think that I’d be able to get everything at work finished yesterday, what with everything else that was going on around me, but I did, and I feel very happy indeed about it. Honestly, it’s the little things that make all the difference, isn’t it? So thank You for them.

Prayer 288: Still only Tuesday?

Dear God

Well, yesterday was a pretty long day, I must say. Honestly, it seemed to last at least six months, and at one point I thought that 5.30pm was never going to come round and I might be in the office forever. Hell indeed, eh … There was just so much stuff going on and so many different kinds of crisis to circumnavigate – couldn’t You have spread the pain throughout the week rather than giving it all to us in one day? Just a thought …

Still, I suppose that does at least mean that the worst might just be over, so thank You for that. I really hope the rest of the week improves, and whatever happens, thank You for somehow seeing us all through it.

Prayer 287: Monday morning

Dear God

My mind is completely blank today and I can’t seem to form any kind of prayer, sensible or otherwise. Still, You’re used to that with me, so it shouldn’t come as much of a shock to You. As my befuddled brain attempts to take on board the fact of another week – and a great deal to do at work today as well! – please be with me, guiding my choices and helping me to cope with whatever comes my way. Thank You.

Prayer 284: Unexpected blessing

Dear God

I fully expected this week to be hugely difficult and exhausting at work, and had myself all geared up for the worst. So thank You very much that actually it’s so far not proving to be too bad at all and in fact I’m even quite enjoying it – goodness me!

Thank You then that You are a God Who delights in giving us unexpected blessings in all sorts of ways, and help my eyes and heart to be open enough that I don’t miss a single one of them. Thank You.

Prayer 280: God of miracles

Dear God

Thank You that the massive project we’ve been working on for months is now finally all but over. At least everything bar the shouting … It’s been tough – sometimes extremely tough – but thank You for being with us throughout all the difficulties and for finding solutions where we thought there was none. Thank You for being a God of miracles indeed!

Prayer 229: Problems Galore!

Dear God

Here is a list of today’s fun problems, in case You might have been busy elsewhere: (a) I’ve had to deal with a courier who delivered an important item to a garage in Yorkshire rather than to our workplace in Guildford; (b) I’ve received a snotty “standard’ letter from my credit card company penalising me because I don’t overspend and I always pay off the whole amount monthly and I’ve been with them for thirty years; and (c) I’ve been given a list of complaints from staff who haven’t yet actually moved into the new offices we’ve spent so many long and agonising weeks getting right for them. All I can say right now is thank goodness for whisky! Oh, and please could You help me sort all this out when I’m feeling sane enough to face it? Thank You.

Prayer 214: The balance of life

Dear God

Thank You for helping me to keep ploughing on through a very exhausting week at work, and thank You for the chance to recharge my batteries now. Please help me to remember that it’s equally important to have times for rest as it is to have times to be busy, and help me to balance my life in the best possible way. Thank You.