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Prayer 213: The puzzle of life

Dear God

The Bible reminds me today that much of life is complete and utter puzzlement. Help me to remember that, no matter how complex everything gets and how bamboozled about events I become, You are in charge, and I can trust all my days and my future to You. Thank You.

Prayer 192: Heavens above!

Dear God

The trouble is – and I hate to say it – that I actually don’t really like what I read in the Bible about heaven. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is. For someone like me who likes to be alone or just with my loved one, the concept of a place where there are so many people and all that constant noise of praise is really rather horrid. I hope that in heaven, there will at least be a quiet garden where we can escape to, and perhaps You will be there too to wander around with us. That would be nice. Thank You.

Prayer 180: God’s vision

Dear God

The trouble with the Bible is that there’s just so much going on even in the most obvious of passages. It’s like an iceberg where all I can see is one small section of truth, but there’s a vast amount of wisdom and blessing under the surface that I can’t see or truly understand. Much like people, I suppose – as we only ever see a small part of who people are, as everything underneath is so much deeper and more glorious than we can ever imagine. Help me to see more clearly with Your vision rather than my own. Thank You.

Prayer 170: When the Bible gets boring

Dear God

I’m sorry to have to say this, but quite honestly, I find reading a good novel far more gripping and exciting than reading Your Bible. I know that probably makes me a Bad Christian, but then again, that’s always been the case so I suppose You won’t be too surprised by my confession.

Even though I find the Bible more of a chore than a pleasure, I pray that Your generous Spirit will work to Your glory in me as I read it anyway. And thank You also for the joy of reading a good novel, which is surely part of your glorious creation too.

Prayer 141: Egypt makes me smile

Dear God

I really don’t know what You have against Egypt in the Bible. People either seem to be fleeing from it or in terrible danger when they go and live in it. Well, in my opinion, Egypt is a wonderful place with a fascinating history and a fantastic people, and it was a joy to visit it: one of my best holidays ever. As a result, whenever Egypt is mentioned in the Bible, I always smile with the good memories, which possibly isn’t the reaction I should be having in terms of its symbolic use! But, anyway, thank You for Egypt and the wonderful opportunities we have these days for travel.

Prayer 79: God of gardens

Dear God

It seems to me from the Bible that You love gardens, and so do I – so it’s great that we have that interest in common! You’re also something of a miracle-worker turning deserts into glorious gardens, so please could you help me with my small garden this year? I particularly need some divine intervention with the weeds, so all help gratefully appreciated. Thank You.

Prayer 38: bible muddles

Dear God,

I don’t want to seem to be interfering, but was there any particular reason for making the bible so confusing in some respects and downright impossible in others? I would have thought it would have been a lot simpler just to say what You mean so it was obvious to everyone, rather than going round and round the houses with lot of different people trying to declare Your word to the world and getting in a muddle. Or at least that’s how the bible seems to me, more often than not.

On the other hand, I suppose people are Your business and so doing anything without our input would be against Your great mission statement and delight. So thank You for loving us so much that You’re prepared for us to make a muddle, even in the bible, and thank You also that You’re equally willing to help put things right.