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Prayer 197: The question of numbers

Dear God

There are just too many numbers and measurements at the end of the Book of Ezekiel and I find it very boring indeed. There must be a message in there somewhere but I’m afraid it’s way beyond my abilities to find it. I imagine it’s a lot of fun for people who like numbers though.

Anyway, I suppose it’s a lesson to keep on stumbling onwards in this life whenever the going gets dull, and to trust in You for a more interesting tomorrow, or at least one with fewer measurements in it. Thank You.


Prayer 189: the muddle of work

Dear God

Today at work is likely to be filled with the usual combo of muddle, stress and boredom, and I must say I’m not looking forward to it one bit. Could You not have included helpful sections in the Bible to teach us how to deal with these kind of days? It would certainly have been useful if You had done so … Anyway, any help You might be able to provide me with as I stagger through this day would be very gratefully received. Thank You.

Prayer 170: When the Bible gets boring

Dear God

I’m sorry to have to say this, but quite honestly, I find reading a good novel far more gripping and exciting than reading Your Bible. I know that probably makes me a Bad Christian, but then again, that’s always been the case so I suppose You won’t be too surprised by my confession.

Even though I find the Bible more of a chore than a pleasure, I pray that Your generous Spirit will work to Your glory in me as I read it anyway. And thank You also for the joy of reading a good novel, which is surely part of your glorious creation too.

Prayer 129: Jeremiah … again

Dear God

Jeremiah is still going on, and on, and honestly I’m getting a more than a little bored with it all. I think I could safely take his book in the Bible and précis the whole message down to about five short chapters. Surely that would be better?

On the other hand, I suppose You’re just as interested in our journeys as well as our destinations, and more often than not we learn far more from our travels than we do from our arrivals. Goodness knows I have enough to-ings and fro-ings and general meanderings of my own, so I suppose I can’t really blame Jeremiah for his. In any case, thank You for travelling with us every step of the way.

Prayer 125: When God is just dull …

Dear God

Sorry to bring it up like this, but sometime You’re actually quite dull and don’t really communicate much. I do think You should put in more of an effort every now and again. I’m not asking for a great deal here.

Though, on the other hand, maybe what I need is to be quiet and listen a bit more and panic a bit less. Now that would be a novelty and a real miracle for sure! So, Lord, help me to listen better, but at the same time You’re going to have to speak up. Thank You.

Prayer 108: small moments of comfort

Dear God

Thank You that when things are at their worst, You somehow contrive to bring a small shaft of sunlight into our existence. Today, I was feeling really unhappy and bored with my lot when a meeting with someone I’d not seen for years was an unexpected delight. She even complimented me on my new hair style, which so few other people have noticed! It made all the difference, so thank You.

Prayer 99: The problem of Jeremiah

Dear God

Is it just me or does Jeremiah go on a bit? Because goodness me but that young man has an awful lot to say. I’ve just started reading his book in the Bible and there are chapters and chapters of this stuff. All doom and gloom. Honestly, it’s like watching the second series of Broadchurch on a continuous loop – no light in all the dreary darkness. Still, at least it does show me that maybe – just maybe, mind You – my life might not be all that bad. And for that, thank You.