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Prayer 227: The plus side of St Paul

Dear God

No matter how irritating and long-winded I find St Paul in the Bible, the one big thing I learn from him is to trust in You and have hope whatever my own circumstances. Because You are in charge of it all. Help me to turn to You more willingly and ask for Your help even when I’m too shattered and fed up to think. Thank You.


Prayer 217: The irritation of Acts

Dear God

Oh dear, I’ve just started reading Acts in my daily Bible reading schedule, and I have to admit I find the whole thing rather irritating. I don’t see any of the depth and mystery of the Gospels in it, and it just seems to be a lot of men making long and not very interesting speeches and indulging in a bit of posturing and derring-do.

I really wish the women had written it, and at least then we would have had a lot more practical wisdom concerning how to live as a Christian in the world. An opportunity lost there, I fear. Still, help me to be open-minded to Your still small voice as I trudge through it once more. Thank You.

Prayer 37: the pleasure of wine

Dear God

Honestly sometimes nothing hits the spot like wine, so I thank You for it. Especially after a day like today, which has been pretty grim. I’m sure in one of St Paul’s letters to Timothy he advises that a little wine is good for the stomach and I can vouch for that.

However, I’d go even further and I’d advise that a little wine is good for my mental and emotional health too. Just as long as I keep it in moderation, of course. Anyway, it was an absolute pleasure to return home and find a half-bottle of leftover wine cooling the fridge. Bliss indeed, thank You.